Behavior of Chinese government has always been cynical and imperialistic. It has tried to dominate its neighboring countries, winning them by hook or by crook and forcefully making them part of its dominion. Dispute between China and Taiwan is a strong evidence of above mentioned statement. Territorial disputes in the South China Sea involve both island and maritime claims among several nations within the region- Brunei, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines.

South China Sea is considered a lifeline to a huge portion of the world’s trade that passes through it. Therefore, there are various non-claimant countries that want the South China Sea to remain as international waters, with several nations conducting ‘Freedom of navigation’ operations.

An arbitral tribunal constituted under Annex VII of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea ruled against China’s maritime claims in Philippines vs. China in July 2016, although it is not enforceable. China is adamant and does not acknowledge the tribunal nor abide by its ruling. It insists that any resolution should be through bilateral negotiations with other claimants.

South China Sea may be rich in oil and natural gas deposits and that is why China is adamant to claim its right on this area forcefully. According to an estimate of Ministry of Geological Resources and mining of China, South China Sea may contain 17.7b tons of crude oil. However, according to other estimates it may only be between 7.5b barrels, or about 1.1b tons to 11 billion barrels.

US and China are in disagreement over the South China Sea. Recently there were news that China is actively building artificial Islands in South China Sea that may prove fatal for the interests of almost most of the nations across the globe. It will also ensure presence of Chinese forces in that area and that is a sign of danger for world peace.

In recent development, President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State said China must be denied access to artificial islands built in the disputed waters. This bold statement must be welcomed and supported by almost every member country of United Nations. China is trying to provoke its neighboring countries and US which may and I think will surely result into WWIII.

China is not co-operating in war against terrorism. It is openly supporting terror state Pakistan and its agents. By opposing India- the country that is well known for intolerance and its love for peace and humanity since ancient times, China proves that it is really a violent mad dragon that must be shot down. China is not ready to listen to UN or US. It does not respect international borders and relations. China’s love to become super power is dragging the whole world towards a dark age.

Scholars have started to understand this fact. However, leftist are still trying to deny this fact. Leftist are not ready believe the fact that root of entire terrorism across the globe is one particular philosophy that is entirely based on hatred and bloodshed. We may see what happened recently in France and Turkey. Such a philosophy (i.e. Terrorism) and its followers must be condemned and rooted out.

China has always been an ardent supporter of imperialism and now it has started to support the followers of the most cruel and violent philosophy known as terrorism. China lives in ancient times where invaders used to attack other nations and believed that enlarging the border of their nation is really necessary for the welfare of their people and is a true mark of greatness. While in modern times, great nations work for the development and welfare of their citizens.