For a long haul, I wanted to discuss this topic. Earlier it was hard to find a scholar or an expert but now a days, you can find them as easily as mushrooms are found. Streets, newspapers and TV channels are flooded with scholars. However, has anyone ever tried to ask himself whether these people claiming to be scholar or expert are really a scholar. I would say “No”. These are pseudo scholars. They have just superficial knowledge about the matter they are talking about.

We see rapes, sexual harassment and crimes taking place everywhere. Did we realize why these activities have increased suddenly these days? Not only these days but within last few decades. Because we have closed all the sources of character building. We closed the novels of “Munshi Premchand” and opened the novels of European writers which are flooded with love, sex, violence and desires. The never talk about morality. These novels talk about materialistic life, money and alcohol. Our philosophy began to change. This all did not happen in a single day but in several years. Then came hypocrite world of cinema and pesudo scholars. This is all like “a doctor with cancer and a cigarette in hand tells his patient- Smoking does not cause cancer at all.” Where there is freedom beyond limits, there is always evil. That is why there is constitution, law and punishment. Otherwise our life will become hell.

Let’s examine some facts.

Recently I was seeing a debate on TV where an actress and a movie-maker were claiming that movies are just for fun and entertainment. They don’t have any social responsibility. The crimes and increasing disrespect to women is not at all because of these movies and serials. Then they say, earlier we did not have data or media only so we think that crime against women was lesser. Even a psychologist who was sitting as an expert was supporting them. I don’t say this is all because them but they surely contribute.

Now, I have some questions and thoughts:

  1. If movies and serials cannot influence thoughts or approach of a people then why people waste so much money on advertisement?
  2. Why is there a concept of promotion? It means what we see clearly impacts our thoughts and approach.
  3. When a smoke addict or an alcohol addict watches a scene or advertisement on TV, he starts desiring for that particular addiction but he cannot get the same product from TV. Therefore, he goes to the market either buys it or steals it. Whatever he finds easier. Now, let’s make this situation more serious. When a sex-addict sees any porn video or erotic item dance or an erotic scene, he craves for it and when he does not get it easily, he forces himself on the innocent women. (Some pseudo scholars will try to neglect my opinion but if they study psychology books and true scholars, they will surely find that what we see, listen or taste influences our mind- directly or indirectly.) If I am wrong then why do we advertise- “Smoking is injurious to health” or “Do’s and Don’t during having sex”. I am being bold and direct.
  4. There is craving for sex, to be better, greater and richer everywhere. No moral values, no good books, no focus on character building. After stopping every source of light, how can you expect that people can see what is right and what is wrong?

We have stopped every source of moral values and now we expect this generation should have moral values. I don’t understand how can you be so fool?

Moral values will not rain from heaven. We will have to transfer it to this and the next generation. We shall have to open sources for them. People learn from their surrounding like a baby learns the language and behavior from the place where he/she grows up. Serials, movies, videos, News are part of the surrounding, they directly influence the character of the people watching them. In the name of modernization, you are feeding them with disrespect towards women, so how can you expect they will respect women. You don’t tell them stories of true leaders or great personalities but they see a hero chasing the girl and then forcefully wooing her and thereafter that actor fights and finally wins the heart of girl. So they chase the girl, fight harder to get her. What is wring in that. It is rule that human mind remember wrong or dirty things for longer than good things. If you doubt me “See a rose or Tajmahal and figure out how long does its memory last and then see some dirtiest thing- maybe a decaying body, I bet you won’t be able to sleep for several nights.” So we are inclined to be influenced by bad things not good. We all like a friend like lion/ lioness though we know they are violent, they kill but we like that.

Humanity can be brought only through right education and right philosophy. We shall have to develop a society with an attitude of respect and care for other human being and for that we will have to avoid everything that shows sexual desire and violence as an integral part of human being. To be great desires must be controlled. Animals work according to their desire, they refrain from using their brains and this is the only difference between human and animals.

In the name of freedom, you cannot do anything. You are free to do anything but this “anything” also has a limitation. You are free to jump but have you ever thought to jump from a cliff without a rope or any assistance. Why? Why did you put limitations named as rope or parachute because you know nature has its own laws. Human made its own laws to stay safe. We all know nature is red in tooth and claw. So, your safety is in your hands. You cannot always blame others. Even if you blame, the pain is always yours.

So, stop listening to these pseudo scholars. Follow the rules made by true scholars. Freedom does not come free. In a free society you are not the only one who is free and you can never change 100% people into saints. You will have to try to keep the fire under control as much as you can.