After the decision of demonetization, all the parties got united against center. The whole nation knew their motive very well. These political parties had got united not because they were worrying about the hardship of commons rather these politicians were worried about their personal interests. Political parties have accumulated a lot of wealth by void means. Most of the parties are involved in corruption. They all were worried about the wealth that they had accumulated in so many years by looting innocent Indians.

Secondly after demonetization, their notes worth million rupees are now nothing but piece of papers. This huge amount could have been used in upcoming elections of Punjab and UP to buy voters but now these political parties are helpless.

It was a right decision by Narendra Modi not to come under pressure and repeal the decision of demonetization. The news “Rs 104 crore in old notes deposited in BSP account” proves that how corrupt these parties are. Not only BSP, gradually Indians will get to listen more such news about numerous political parties and leaders. Income Tax department is raiding continuously since demonetization and has captured notes and gold worth rupees several millions.