With successful test of Agni V, India’s arsenal has become more powerful and strong. Now, China needs to be scared of India because Agni V brings the whole of China and much more within its strike envelope.

Powered by three-stage rocket motors, the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) Agni V has over 5,000-km range. After test firing from the integrated test range off the Odisha coast on Monday, Agni V is now ready for user trials by the military.

Though, it may take another couple of years for Agni V to be inducted into SFC that manages the nation’s nuclear arsenal, in adequate numbers. But India has now virtually gate-crashed into the club of the US, Russia, China, France and UK, which have ICBMs.

The final operational version is important because it gives the forces the requisite operational flexibility to swiftly transport and launch the missile from wherever they want within a matter of minutes. The hermetically-sealed canister gives this missile higher reliability, enhanced mobility, less maintenance and longer shelf-life.

Because of its dominant nature, China has always been a headache for India. Within last few months, China has taken several diplomatic steps which are against India’s interests. Since, China is scared of no one because of its powerful arsenal, it tries to enforce its decisions on neighboring nations. Because of such grim situation, it had become indispensable for India to make its arsenal more powerful so that it can resist China.