There have been numerous leaders in independent India. Some leaders were greatly loved by Indians while few were hated. Some leaders believe in cracking jokes while others remain serious. However, there has been never a leader who is considered a joke. Rahul Gandhi is loosing his credibility or I say, he has lost his credibility. He himself is very well aware of this fact.

Perhaps, Rahul Gandhi is being fooled by his advisers or he is ignorant. He needs to have some knowledgeable advisers who can help him in standing on his own feet in politics. He belongs to a family that has ruled India more than 65 years. Sometimes, they did very well and sometimes they were indulged in corruption.

For the first time in entire history of Indian politics, there has been such a leader who is ridiculed by each and every party and every Indian. Nobody takes him serious. Rahul Gandhi has brought Congress very close to its doom. YouTube videos are brimming with jokes on him.

Rahul Gandhi should take sometime off and then prepare himself for a new inning or he must quit politics forever.