Entire opposition or anti-NDA camp including AAP, SP, BSP, NCP and DMK seems to be united against government’s bold step of demonetisation. Congress-Vice President Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal went to the extent of proclaiming demonetisation move a scam. Mamata Banerjee has already declared her aggressive intent.Though there such action does not have support of common people still opposition is leaving no stone upturned in making a chaos-like situation.

Even some of the corrupt media guys are openly or indirectly trying to provoke the public in place of welcoming such a bold move against black money.

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal who had won elections because of his bold statements against corruption and a vow to start a battle against black money seems to be standing among the people in front row to oppose India’s ever greatest battle against black money. Arvind Kejriwal has been continuously blaming PM Narendra Modi without any strong proof and trying to provoke central government and BJP to get involved in a worthless debate with him so that he can gain some promotion and attention. In last few years, he has tried his best to defame ministers of central government by bringing fake proofs and corruption charges that he could never prove. AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal was even rebuked by courts several times for his such ridiculous actions.

SP leader Akhilesh Yadav recently spoke that black money helped economy during recession. BSP leader Mayawati warned the government and blamed that government leaked the information to its people. Mayawati said that BJP people were given enough time to settle their black money however, other parties did not get such an opportunity. SP leader Akhilesh Yadav and BSP leader Mayawati who were always against each other are now playing for the same team against anti-black money battle. Their such actions, panic, statements and frustration clearly proves that there is black somewhere. They have done something wrong and now they are scared.

We all have heard and know how corrupt Indian media has always been. Reporters and journalists do what their masters tell them. In exchange they get bags of money. Recently we saw some reporters too much frustrated and ready to speak anything against this demonetisation move.

However most of the news channels and journalists are not like them. They revealed how politicians, businessmen, contractors and rich people are sending their men with Rs. 500 and 1000 notes to get exchanged at banks. These people keep standing whole day and force other people to wait for long time.

The people who were few days earlier dying of hunger, they all are standing in the rows to get Rs. 500 note exchanged. How did they get so much money suddenly. Why rich people are not standing in the rows? Because these people are using paid services to get their notes exchanged.

Political parties want this decision to be rolled back because elections are close. These parties will not be able to survive without black money. As I always say left parties support naxalites. In fact naxalites are team-B of communist parties. Because of this bold move, naxalites are suffering from the crisis of money and now it becomes responsibility of their leaders to raise voice on behalf of them and that is what CPI and CP(M) doing. West Bengal has already been declared “safe heaven” by terrorists and anti-India elements.

This demonetisation move has forced terrorists, naxalites and anti-national statements to stop their activities. This action is like a fire in Lanka of corrupt leaders who are now panicked because crores of their money will be wasted. Several corrupt journalists will have to burn bundles of notes that they had hoarded inside their homes. Doctors, big hospitals, private schools, private universities and NGOs that take crores of rupees in form donations are worried. They are trying to torture public as much as possible so that tortured public force the government to roll back this decision.

However, the government has complete public support and does not seem to be worried about united opposition against anti-black money battle. Though Congress on its own has an upper hand in Rajya Sabha, the new-found opposition unity also bodes ill for Lok Sabha which has bucked Congress’s past blockade because of NDA’s brute majority as well as the lead opposition player’s isolation.

The opposition will surely target demonetisation as a ‘scam’ by alleging that the policy change was leaked in advance to benefit BJP-friendly entities, even questioning the ‘intent’ behind the decision and all this will be done because crores of rupees that leaders had hoarded are only piece of papers now.