It has been noticed by media and several journalists that there have been no reports of stone pelting on forces in Kashmir since Mr. Narendra Modi has taken demonetisation move.

Demonetisation move is like a bolt out of the blue for terrorists and corrupts since black money is used to gather the crowd or to provoke them to create a chaos or protest like situations. Since old notes of 500 and 1000 are no more valid in the market, it has become hard for Pak-sponsored terrorists to sponsor its agents in India. No terrorist activity can take place in such a situation. They can not even survive in such a case because the money they hold is mostly either fake currency or black money. Since they live here illegally, they cannot even go to banks to exchange the money they hold.

Now, let us talk about politicians. Most of the politicians who had hoarded large amount of Indian currency to use it in upcoming UP and Punjab elections are shocked by Modi’s demonetisation move. As we all know that a lot of black money is used during elections on advertisements, rallies, to buy tickets and buy the votes. Black money is used to sell and buy tickets of the parties. We all know how much these parties are infamous for this tradition of selling tickets in exchange of crores of rupees. Bahujan Samaj Party and Samajvadi parties are most infamous.

Parties buy alcohol and distribute them among voters to gain their favour. Parties even give money to voters to buy their votes. Numerous illegal activities take place during elections and all this is done with the help of black money. No one pays by cheque, Debit card or credit card for such activities. However, such activities are prevalent even in national parties like Congress and BJP.

Because of this bold and appreciable demonetisation move taken by honorable PM Narendra Modi, several regional parties are forced to discontinue such scandalous traditions.