Since India expelled a Pakistan high commission official in Delhi for spying, terror state Pakistan is trying its best to take revenge. Mehmood Akhtar, the Pakistan official in the High Commission, was arrested at Chanakyapuri police station and later let off because of diplomatic immunity. Mehmood Akhtar was asked to leave India immediately. In a move like tit for tat, The terrorist nation on Thursday named eight Indian officials and accused them of fomenting terrorist activities in Balochistan and Sindh.

Indian government has described the allegations as baseless and fanciful and said these actions were an afterthought after Pakistan high commission staffer Mehmood Akhtar was arrested red handed accepting sensitive documents from Indian collaborators near Delhi zoo last week.

External affairs ministry spokesperson Mr. Vikas Swarup said, “It is especially regrettable that Pakistani authorities have chosen to level these allegations after deciding to recall, on their own, six officials of the Pakistan high commission, some of whom may have been named to Indian authorities by Akhtar who was caught red-handed while indulging in anti-India activities.”