UK Prime Minister Theresa May will be on her first visit to India from Nov 6-8, 2016. Since it is Prime Minister Theresa May’s first bilateral visit outside the European Union (EU), it is being considered that Theresa May will try to explore with PM Narendra Modi the future of ties between India and UK. It is an opportunity for India and UK to explore free trade deal during PM May’s trip and strengthen relationship between both countries.

For India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is an opportunity to work out a better economic template that could make UK a more important trade partner. India is an evolving market and most of the developed nations want to reap the benefits of this huge and evolving market. UK Prime Minister Theresa May will also try to grab this opportunity during her trip. PM May’s trip is being considered very important and beneficial for both nations.

MEA spokesperson told to Media, “There is substantial scope for further strengthening bilateral cooperation across a range of sectors, including science & technology, finance, trade & investment, and defence & security.” During this summit, both countries will explore further ties in education, innovation, design and intellectual property rights.

Commerce minister Nirmala Sitharaman and her counterpart Liam Fox are expected to work out a free trade agreement, though the contours of that would only be worked out after the Brexit process is put in motion from early 2017.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May had said,”I am determined to capitalize on those opportunities, and as we embark on the trade mission to India, we will send the message that the UK will be the most passionate, most consistent and most convincing advocate for free trade.”