Mayawati is ready to play a politics of divide and rule. According to a senior BSP member- “Muslims have been divided between BSP and SP, so the existing situation in the ruling party should tilt the community heavily in our favour.”

There is a saying that businessmen, leaders and vultures care about none but always think of their personal interests. BSP chief Mayawati finds an opportunity of making a strong comeback in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh because of the ongoing feud within the Samajwadi Party. Sources say that Mayawati is ready to reap benefits from SP Feud since rift between Mr. Akhilesh Yadav and Mr. Shivpal Yadav is bound to disturb Samajwadi Party’s equation not only with Muslims but also with other communities, including the upper castes and backward classes, who voted largely in favour of SP during the 2012 assembly elections.

Uttar Pradesh elections have never been fought in the name of development. Caste and religion are the most important factors in achieving success in elections of Uttar Pradesh and the same factors will work in upcoming elections also. Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party have no other weapons to land with in the battlefield of UP elections but Caste and religion based politics is their ‘Brahmastra’ that both these parties will surely use to win UP elections. Both these parties will blame BJP of being a communal party; these parties will scare the public in the name of religion and caste but they will never talk about development. It has been a fact that though both the parties have ruled Uttar Pradesh for several years still the education system, infrastructure and condition of poor farmers remain the same.

Congress, the oldest party of India, always claims that it has worked hard to uproot poverty for last 60 years, still we find poverty everywhere in India. In every election Congress repeats the same slogan to uproot poverty completely but no action has been taken till date. Condition of poor has got worse in place of improving.

Mayawati is ready to reap benefits from SP Feud. BSP national general secretary Satish Chandra Mishra told ‘uncertainty’ within Samajwadi Party will surely have an impact across caste and religious lines. ‘People want a stable government.” He also added that people know about the ‘nexus’ between BJP and SP. Thus he clearly indicates that Maywati’s Party will fight in the name of religion and caste once more.