Sourabh Mishra

The greatest misfortune of India is that the leaders of this great nations are so self-centered that they may go to the extent of harming the nation for personal interests. The great deed of our brave soldiers and a matter of national security and strategy has turned into a national political debate where every leader is concerned about the political benefits that can be reaped by the surgical strikes done by Indian army. Where congress is concerned about the benefits that BJP can reap during UP elections other parties also want the share of credit. Politics over surgical strike was obvious since the credit of this decision taken by PM Narendra Modi, in order to boost the moral of Indian army, to pacify the rage of Indian citizen and to give a bold message to Pakistan was important, was sure to go to BJP.

For Congress, UP elections are crucial and a matter of survival in Indian politics. Congress in not hesitating in using all sort of political tools that may benefit it in winning elections. It is trying to raise all sorts of issues whether they are relevant or irrelevant. Caste and religion are among the main weapons that will be used by Congress. They will also raise the issue that BJP had promised to make Ram Mandir. Whether this agenda is raised by BJP itself or not during UP election but Congress and other parties will surely do that. Politics over surgical strike is nothing but an example of desperation among the leaders of Congress since they could do nothing but corruption during their tenure. They did not listen to Manmohan Singh and used him as a puppet. The result was that the corrupt leaders of Congress led it towards its doom.

The mass support to BJP has increased within last few months because of its policies that directly support development and growth of the nation. The anti-social elements and left supporter are worried about their existence since they can see that a pure nationalist movement has started to raise its head. Through flawed education, false history and fake scholars, Indians were misguided for generations. They were crushed. The politicians tried to divide them in the name of caste and religion. No politician ever talked about growth, industrialization, welfare of farmers, infrastructural development and economic growth. They neglected basic issues like jobs, roads, hospitals and better education. In spite of solving them, these politician tried to rule and reap benefits from the prevailing issues and concerns of common man.

Now, when a party is trying to solve the issues of common man and to improve the international relations for the economic, infrastructural and cultural development of the countries; all the corrupt and anti-national forced have come together because it is a matter of their survival.