Terrorism has always been an integral part of Pakistan’s strategy against India. ISI and Pakistan army has always supported militants and worked as their Godfathers. The whole world knows the fact that Pakistan is a safe heaven for terrorists. Pakistan government has realized the fact for the first time that their blind support to terrorism has become a curse for them. This curse has not been a problem only for its neighbors and other countries, it has also become a reason for the misery and international isolation of Pakistan. According to a media report Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has directed authorities to conclude the probe into the Pathankot attack and resume the stalled Mumbai attacks case after the civilian leadership warned the military that Pakistan faces growing international isolation. PM Nawaz Sharif’s ‘blunt message’ to army shows how much India has been diplomatically successful.

Considering Pakistan’s history and military interference in government, it is possible that PM Nawaz Sharif’s ‘blunt message’ to army may also prove suicidal for his government. Pakistan military has always been more powerful than civilian government in Pakistan. There are possibilities that Pakistan army and ISI may overthrow the civilian government in Pakistan after PM Nawaz Sharif’s ‘blunt message’ to army.

There is also report that the Pakistan military has been urged not to ‘interfere’ in action against terror groups considered ‘off limits’ gave rise to heated speculation of a row between Nawaz Sharif government and the army brass even though the account was forcefully denied.