By Sourabh Mishra

Since Uri terror attack, relations between India and Pakistan have deteriorated. There was news that India can dilute Indus waters treaty to teach Pakistan a lesson. Today, PM Narendra Modi will be briefed on the provisions of the Indus waters treaty.  This discussion is significant in the light of mounting tension between India and Pakistan.

The decision to review the Indus waters treaty by PM Narendra Modi comes days after foreign ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup said while India did not intend to violate the 1960 treaty, ‘eventually any cooperative arrangement requires goodwill and mutual trust on both sides’.

The exercise also indicates that the PM Narendra Modi might be looking for other options  than military reprisals against Pakistan, given concerns over a conflict between the nuclear armed neighbours escalating.

Earlier Pakistan had sought to bring Indus waters treaty to international notice by threatening to take India to court over two hydro-electric projects in Jammu &Kashmir. It would appear that India is now considering the possibility of unilateral action with some experts arguing that treaties can be reviewed in the light of persistent hostile actions.