By Sourabh Mishra

China and Pakistan are the perfect example of the situation when you have crazy and pigheaded neighbors. China has a long history of imperialism and attacking its neighbors. It was one of the greatest mistake of Pandit Nehru that he supported China’s bid for UN seat and now the same pigheaded nation China uses Pakistan to blunt India’s NSG membership bid. China has signalled that it will continue to prop up Pakistan as a counterpoise against India’s bid for membership of Nuclear Supplies Group.

India’s dreams of NSG membership were shattered by China last time and now India’s NSG membership bid seems to be in danger. While India is trying hard to get support for its NSG membership bid, China and Pakistan are toiling hard to spoil this effort once again. According to Chinese authorities, China shared with Pakistan its views on recent developments and also its principled position over the issue of participation of non-NPT countries in the NSG.
In the case of its statement with India though, China spoke in detail about the need for a two-step process to explore a ‘non-discriminatory formula’ which China said would be applicable to all non-NPT states seeking to join NSG.

China (who supports the terrorist nation Pakistan) itself has been found guilty of violating both NSG and a 2010 NPT consensus on not transferring nuclear material to countries (like Pakistan) which have not brought their facilities under IAEA safeguards, that has not come in the way of Beijing highlighting the need for non-NPT states to address the ‘gap’ between their existing practices and existing global non-proliferation rules ‘based on NPT as the cornerstone’.