By Sourabh Mishra

There is a wave of sentiments for the soldiers who died in Uri terror attack. Kashmir is going through a crucial period. The whole nation is standing with Kashmir in such a critical time but some insensitive politicians are busy doing their politics. They cannot restrain themselves from giving insensitive statements. One such statement comes from the politician Rahul Gandhi who has never been taken serious by Indian voters. 

According to most oblivious politician Mr. Rahul Gandhi- the central government has made a mess of a previously successful strategy to tackle militancy in Kashmir. Vice president of India’s one of the biggest party held a BJP-PDP alliance responsible for creating a space for ‘terrorists’.

The Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s comments came after two months of violence in Kashmir that was as a result of protest by Pakistan sponsored separatist and communal powers. Several soldiers and security officials were brutally killed by the mob that was provoked by anti-national leaders and paid human rights activists.

Rahul Gandhi is well known across through the country for his humor and distorted knowledge about current affairs. His recent “Khaat pe Charcha in Uttar Pradesh” has become a matter of laughter in the nation and was paid no heed from media because of other several news of national importance.

Analysts say the surge in anti-India sentiment had undone decades-long efforts to curb militancy that first broke out in the Valley in 1989. India holds Pakistan responsible for the surge in violence and bilateral relations have rapidly plummeted, especially after an attack on an army base in Kashmir that killed 18 soldiers last Sunday. But Rahul Gandhi pinned the blame on the BJP-PDP coalition.