By Sourabh Mishra

In an unexpected move by Russia, its forced arrived in Pakistan for joint military drill of two weeks from 24 Sep to 10 Oct 2016. Earlier, there was a news that after Uri terror attack, Russia had cancelled this joint military drill with Pakistan which was being considered as India’s strategic success. But this news seems to be a jolt for India.

This two-week joint military drill between Russia and Pakistan has been named ‘Friendship 2016’ is the first between the two former Cold War rivals. It will continue till October 7, according to the Pakistan media.

India will have to start focusing on its foreign policy and diplomacy once again. Russia has always been seen as India’s true friend; however, within last few years, the distance between these two countries has increased. This joint military drill between Russia and Pakistan is a signal that Russia and Pakistan are deepening their military cooperation that may be strategically harmful for India in future.