By Sourabh Mishra

According to Geo TV report, Pakistan army has reportedly selected targets in India in case the latter decides to move first with strikes against the country. The report stated that an operational plan has also been prepared by Pakistan’s armed forces to retaliate against any possible offensive from India.

The source went to the extent of saying that in case of surgical attack from India, Pakistan army would immediately respond for which targets had already been set.

Pakistan army and government is frustrated and scared of India to the extent that they are unable to decide what they should do to restore their reputation across the globe. Since the tensions between India and Pakistan have spiked after the terror attack on an Indian army base in Uri on Sunday by Pakistan based terrorist group and being insulted at UNGA, Pakistan’s frustration is apparent. The terrorist nation is preparing for war, trying to make alliance against India and crying for help to other nations.

Furthermore, there was a report that Indian forces had crossed the Line of Control near Uri and eliminated 20 terrorists in a surgical strike. This though was denied by Indian Army sources.