By Sourabh Mishra

Once Nawaz Sharif had said that Kashmir project is quite close to his heart, but now it seems to be a dream that is impossible for him to achieve. Kashmir has always been an integral part of India. However, Pakistan forcefully and by fraud occupied some part of this heaven. Pakistan Prime Minster Nawaz Sharif ‘s Kashmir project has suffered a diplomatic check at the UN general assembly, with Pakistan failing to gather international support against India. It seems that Nawaz Sharif’s Kashmir Project is at dead end.

According to some reports- Nawaz Sharif had to call and take directions from army chief Raheel Sharif before his UN speech.  There can be no doubt about these reports since it is a well know fact across the globe that army and terrorists rule the country and make Pakistan’s foreign policy. To utter the word ‘good  governance’ or talk about development and growth is considered to be a serious crime. Education is something that is considered as a sin. The only thing people and government talk about and support is terrorism.

Considering all these facts and given Nawaz Sharif’s corruption troubles, the PM of terrorist state-Pakistan may have little choice. The Uri terror attack, experts said, was exactly what the jihadi infrastructure would be enthused about.