By Sourabh Mishra

SAARC security meet is going to be held in Delhi from Thursday where all member nations will discuss Cooperation in Combating Terrorism. However, amid a spike in bilateral tensions in the wake of the recent terror attack in Uri, Pakistan will not attend this two-day meeting of security experts and intelligence top brass from SAARC member nations.

SAARC security meet is quite significant in the wake of recent numerous deadly terror attacks worldwide. As per schedule, the deliberations would dwell on the functioning of the existing anti-terrorism mechanisms in the region, including the Saarc Terrorist Offences Monitoring Desk (STOMD), intelligence sharing and police cooperation. There may be also recommendations aimed to strengthen the existing mechanisms and discuss potential new areas of cooperation. However, the news that Pakistan will not attend Saarc security meet has become a headline of almost every newspaper because it shows that Pakistan is not at all serious against terrorism. Like any adamant child, it is ready to go against the entire world but not leave its persistence.

Though, it may be a well-planned strategy of Pakistan but it may leave a negative impression on its neighboring nations about Pakistan’s commitment against terrorism. Pakistan has faced a worldwide insult on promoting terrorism from its land. India has almost announced it a terrorist state in UN while several neighboring countries like Afganistan, Srilanka and Russia are supporting India.