By Sourabh Mishra

The world has started to believe what India believes since its freedom that Pakistan is a terrorist state. It is the hard-work of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that has started to bear fruits. Most of the nations have started to show trust in what India claims. The recent report “Pakistan nukes under scrutiny” is one such news that may be seen as a result of several diplomatic foreign trips of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In wake of Uri terror attack, Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program is coming under renewed scrutiny and pressure from the United States , Japan, and other aid givers this week even as the country’s nervous leaders are rattling their atomic arsenal since it is scared of  retribution from India.

US has asked Islamabad to cap Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program amid Pakistan’s rising tensions with India and deteriorating relations with other SAARC nations and beyond.

Recent developments, including North Korea’s ramped up nuclear program and tests, and Pakistan’s own growing image as a terrorist nation on top of its proliferation record, is putting a crimp on Pakistan’s effort to seek the kind of legitimacy India’s nuclear program has. The world is not ready to trust Pakistan now because of its lack of seriousness in fulfilling its promises to take action against terrorism.

Pakistan will not attend SAARC security meet in Delhi