By Sourabh Mishra

Everyone will be shocked to read this headline but sadly, it is true. In Kashmir, most of the Kashmiri rights activists are either paid by Pakistan and China or working for terrorist groups in disguise. you may say that I do not have any proof for that but if you closely read their statements and news (which I cannot produce here since it may help them indirectly in spreading their thoughts and approach and I do not want to do that in any case), you can easily understand what they are doing.

Headlines of newspapers are always full of their protests whenever any terrorist is killed by Indian soldiers but they never utter even a single word when soldiers of India are killed by them. It shows that these so-called Kashmiri rights activists have nothing to do with Human Rights. They are a part of Pakistan sponsored terrorism.

Around 150 people were injured in clashes across Kashmir on Friday . More than 80 people have been killed and thousands injured including soldiers and policemen since Hizbul commander Burhan Wani’s death on July 8. Several soldiers and security persons were injured and died in that protest that was staged by terrorist groups and was Pak-sponsored. Even in recent deadliest Uri terror attack, 20 soldiers died and several injured. In place of supporting Indian army against terrorism, they are trying to invoke hatred for India in the hearts of our Kashmiri brothers. In place of blaming Pakistan and terrorist groups, they are blaming India. It shows their real face and proves that they are part and partial of Pakistan’s strategy against India. These Kashmiri rights activists are trying to show on the international stage that India is violating human rights in Kashmir. Because of insensible media working only for their TRPs, it becomes an easy for such anti-national elements to become successful in their aim.

Several poets, writers and so-called scholars raise their voice whenever terrorists are hung to death by Indian government or Indian army takes stern actions against terrorists. They do so to make Indian government’s plan against terrorism ineffective and thanks to our insensible media that they are always successful in their purpose.

Recently we heard numerous actors and writers speaking a lot about intolerance in India but they uttered not even a single word in the praise of our brave soldiers or against Uri terror attack, it shows their dual face and support for terrorism in India.

This is a harsh reality and it must be changed. These Kashmiri rights activists and such pseudo-scholars are nothing but puppets in the hands of enemies of India.