Recent case of brutal rape of a mother and her daughter in Uttar Pradesh ( Bulandshahr rape) shook whole India and the world. It is not the first time when such unfortunate and brutal incident has happened in India. We all have not forgotten “Nirbhaya Rape” of Delhi. We all were shaken but what did we do? We did nothing for them. Since then, numerous such incidents took place and like some silent audience, we just watched victims crying and dying.

“According to the National Crime Records Bureau 2013 annual report, 24,923 rape cases were reported across India in 2012. Out of these, 24,470 were committed by someone known to the victim (98% of the cases). According to 2012 statistics, New Delhi has the highest raw number of rape reports among Indian cities.”

(Source:-National Crime Records Bureau)

Facts about rapes in India

  • A majority of rape cases in India are never reported
  • As per an estimate almost 90% of the rape cases go unreported in India
  • Most rapes go unreported because the victims fear retaliation and humiliation
  • Thousands of minor girls are trafficked into prostitution in India every year
  • A UN study of 57 countries estimates just 11% of rape and sexual assault cases worldwide are ever reported. (Source- Wikipedia)

These are some of the facts about rapes in India which is a matter of shame for each and every Indian. We all know what is the condition of law and order in India. Human life does not matter at all. Several people die daily in road accidents, riots, train accidents etc. One can be a victim of any capricious act of a crazy person at any time. One can be looted and murdered or raped anytime and the criminal can run away without being chased by police. They have no fear of law or police. Highways and roads are not safe at all. Police does not perform its duties honestly and we often get to see shameful incidents like Bulandshahr rape case.

For the safety of citizens of India, Indian governments have done nothing within last 65 years. People take birth and live in fear. Especially, safety of females is always in a great threat. Whether it is capital of India, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, NCR, Bangalore or any part of India, they cannot enjoy the life freely. They are always scared from birth till death.

Violence against females that is known as Gender-based violence, it is present at various levels, beginning with discrimination at birth, further perpetuated through discrimination in education, nutrition, employment, wages and direct/indirect acts of sexual aggression.
  • Women in small towns feel much less insecure than big cities or villages. Young women below 25 years feel particularly unsafe in all kinds of localities. While women in village feel safer than metros, the young women in the rural areas are more vulnerable than their counterparts in urban areas.
  • The poor women who live in the big cities turn out to be the most vulnerable group across all the locations and categories according to a survey.
  • Single working women feel much more insecure than the average.
  • The Tripadvisor survey, that interviewed 5,000 respondents, said that Patna
    (5%) and Noida (4%) were the other unsafe cities.


We all know that in place of punishing the culprits of Nirbhaya rape case; one of the accused (government helped him to hide his identity) has been helped to start a tailor shop and given financial aid. Did Indian government reward him? Government and our law helped him to hide his identity so that he never feel ashamed for what he did. Rather he was helped to live a peaceful life. Such punishments are nothing but a slap in the name of justice and human rights that must be scrapped. Rapists must not have any human right. An example must be set by punishing them severely publicly so that everyone can watch and learn a lesson for lifetime. However, thanks to political and judicial system of India, these criminals are rewarded in place of being punished.

For an example, let us take the recent case of brutal rape of mother and daughter in UP. We all know the condition of law and order in UP. Uttar Pradesh is known as a crime city. From leaders to police, no one is worried about law enforcement. Everyone supports criminals and people of particular caste and community. Leaders don’t focus on development or safety of people. They worry only about politics and votes. They want to be ruling party at any cost. They play a politics of appeasement. Most of the police incharge or officials either belong to particular community or caste. During the rule of Mayawati, officials belonged to particular caste. Such sort of politics is entirely responsible for such hateful crime. These politicians neither focus on education system nor law and order, employment or development. They just focus on power and money.

Most of the leaders in UP (as we all know) are involved in some or other crime, law-breakers or they support criminals.

We all have heard statements of Aajam Khan. Some of his statements have been mentioned below-

He always talks about divisive politics. Earlier Aazam Khan had said-

“The peaks of Kargil were conquered not by a Hindu, but Muslim soldiers.”


He always indirectly supports terrorists and divisive forces.

On Paris attack, Aazam khan called it“reaction to the killing of innocents in Arab countries by the superpowers”.


Addressing a press conference in Agra, Khan said that he loves Sadhvi Prachi, but scared as the RSS may term it ‘Love Jihad’.


We heard the statement of Aazam Khan– “It is a political conspiracy.” Khan went on saying further that investigative agencies should explore the possibility of an opposition party being involved in this rape case.


Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav opposed capital punishment for rape, saying “ladke, ladke hain… galti ho jati hai (boys will be boys… they commit mistakes).”


What can such leaders do for the state except supporting criminals and crime. We know that the government of Uttar Pradesh will never take any action against any criminal because they win elections only because of them.

These shameless leaders did not even think about the victims and their family before making such idiotic statement. How can someone be so insensitive? They want to politicize such a sensitive issue. However, there was no media trial of these arrogant and idiot leaders. Public did not raise its voice against them. I think it is such a major issue that there should be a huge rally and march, huge enough to shake the chair of Akhilesh Yadav and force him to resign, huge enough to force him to send people like Aazam Khan and Mulayam Singh yadav behind the bars.

Mayawati could show courage to raise her voice and the force that she showed to force the government to send BJP leader behind the bars ( only because that leader had said something offensive against her). However, she will not do that because it is not about her.  Mayawati will never show that power to claim justice for these poor ladies. She did not order her goons to protest on a bigger level to support the voice of safety of women in her state and in India. Because she is one of those corrupt politicians. When it was matter of her insult, her arrogance; she presented it as a matter of insult of every Indian woman but what happened to her now? What happened to her goons and followers? Perhaps the victims who were raped were not Dalits or perhaps life and safety of common women of Uttar Pradesh dose not matter for her. I did not hear Mamata Banerjee or any leader of India raising voice against such heinous crime.

I did not hear Kejriwal (aka Dharna Kumar) or Rahul Gandhi (aka kid) giving any statement. Kejriwal (Dharna Kumar) did not dare to give even a single statement against SP government. This silence is an indirect support to such criminals. It is only because we are not united. We should have never voted for such goons or idiots.

Who is responsible?

It is a big question. Someone says it is urbanization while others blame poverty, lack of fear of law, poor condition of law and order, lazy police or government. However, I think we should blame us only. We are the culprits. We are responsible for whatever is the situation of women and security of human life in India.

Are you shocked?

Here are the reasons that support my statement.

  • We Indians are not united at all and it is always easy to divide us in the name of caste, religion, language or state.
  • Since we are divided, it becomes easy for shrewd and criminal-minded people to scare us.
  • These criminals are not scared of people because they know that we shall never take a stand against them.
  • Criminals know that they can easily buy the police. Police knows that they can do whatever they wish. They know that no one will ever dare to take action against police because citizens of India are divided. We cannot get united and change our anger into a movement and punish the corrupt officials.
  • These criminals, with the support of corrupt officials and through illegal sources of earning, make money, participate in elections and with the help of corruption and their goons win the election.
  • These criminals support other criminals and goons.
  • Not every voter votes during elections. Hardly 30-40% of total voters vote on an average. Thus only criminals or corrupt people win with the help of 15-20% of votes in their favor.
  • When these goons sit in parliament, they don’t make strict laws against corruption, rape or murder because they know if such laws are enforced, someday they may also go behind the bars and can be hung till death.
  • In the absence of strict laws, goons get courage to commit more and more crimes.

I know, numerous readers will not be agree with my statement. However, I said so because of anger. While voting, we never think to vote for a true and honest candidate. Thousands of us do not even go to vote. We have never dared to go in a group and slap or punish a corrupt official. I am not saying anyone to take law in his/ her hand but at least people should gather in group and can go on strike till the offender is punished. We march for a day against any crime and thereafter, we get busy with our lives. We do not even bother to know whether the victim even got justice or not.

I thinks we all should say in on voice-

  • “Arrest those criminals”
  • “Arrest their supporters”
  • “Each and every leader of Samaajvaadi party should condemn Aazam Khan and he must resign”
  • “Send the criminals behind the Bars and give them a brutal death”

I have attached some reports and news in this article. I think these reports will help you in understanding the condition of women in India.