After seeing an upsurge in the poltical power of BJP in Assembly elections 2016, Nitish Kumar has made a call for all the secular parties to be united. Now, the questions is who is secular and who is not? Is Nitish Kumar trying to scare the minority to win their votes by spreading hatred in a peaceful country?

Nitish Kumar took support of one of the most corrupt leaders Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav. Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav is famous for playing the politics of caste and religion. Every indian is aware of this fact. Nitish Kumar is ready to shake hands with Samajvadi Party knowing the fact that Uttar Pradesh, under this party’s rule witnessed numerous riots. UP is on the top of the list of states that witnessed riots in 2013. With 247 incidents of communal violence, Uttar Pradesh achieves the first place in this list.

In Assembly elections 2016, no BJP leader spoke anything that was communal. Since 2014, BJP has only single agenda for every election and that is development and corruption free India. Under Congress regime, we have witnessed several riots. Then, why Nitish Kumar is trying to frighten minority by calling BJP anti-secular party. Isn’t it an effort to develop fear and terror in the hearts of minorities just for the sake of politics? It is clearly an effort to polarize the vote.

Nitish Kumar wants to be prime minister and replace Narendra Modi as soon as possible. Congress, after being so much involved in corruption calls other parties corrupt and Mr. Nitish Kumar is also doing the same.

Because of these parties, important bills like GST are already stuck in Rajya Sabha. They have not allowed the praliament sessions go smoothly. They are wasting crores of hard-earned money of tax-payers. Do they think Indians are fool? Indian voters can see through their tricks. Infact, people of India are fed up with such kind of hatred and corrupt politics. They want to see development, growth and peace in the country. That is why, Indians chose Narendra Modi as their Prime Minister with huge mendate. This is the main reason of the upsurge of BJP.

Inplace of working for the development of his state and eliminate crime, his eyes are on national politics. It is not wrong to dream but it is sin if one does not focus on present.

“Secular and communal” are the words that are used by such low level politicians just to win some votes. They just keep on talking about the past and riots rather than moving forward and work for the national integrity and development.

Do these leaders want to brand Hindus as terrorist? Why do they brand any religion as communal? Just for their personal benefits.

Every religion and every Indian loves peace and believes in fraternity. It is these leaders who give birth to hatred. When no communal step was taken by any party during these assembly elections, what is the point to make such a call? By making such a call, Nitish Kumar wants to scare minorities of India. It is wrong on the part of such a leader. He should refrain from making such statements that are full of hatred and may lead to disputes and riots.