After the results of State Assembly Elections 2016 are out, Bhartiya Janata Party is all set to wrest Assam from Congress and Assam becomes northeast’s first saffron state. Mamata Banerjee becomes Bengal chief minister again, while Jayalalitha’s AIADMK makes a historic win in Tamil Nadu and LDF forms its government in Kerala. Congress seems to be successful in making government only in Puducherry and that also in coalition. After results of State Assembly Elections 2016, it seems that “Achche din” for Congress are over and as if Bhartiya Janata Party’s chief Amit Shah’s phrase “Congress Mukt Bharat” is going to be a reality.

Regardless of corruption charges and claims of incompetent rule by scholars, Mamata Banerjee managed to win Bengal like RJD showed an extraordinary performance in Bihar elections. The story is same with Jayalalitha in Tamil Nadu who performed extremely well in state assembly elections.

However, the state assembly elections 2016 added a new page in the history of Bhartiya Janata Party as lotus started to bloom in southern states and it won majority in northeast state ‘Assam’. Though BJP could win only one seat in Kerala but it managed to win 7 seats in West Bengal which is praise worthy.

Day by day, BJP is becoming a stronger party by playing a fair politics and winning hearts of Indians. BJP has tried to stay away from disputed statements and hatred speeches unlike Congress, TMC, JDU, RJD, SP and BSP. It has showed a high level of political maturity by controlling it outspoken leaders and prohibiting them to give any statement that could lead to controversy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed that he is leader of India and not of a party by congratulating the leaders of winning parties himself. It was a great step taken by him that presents him as a humble and far-sighted leader.