The existing Rajendra Prasad Agriculture University that is situated in Pusa, Samastipur, Bihar will be upgraded as a central university and will be state’s first central agriculture university. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University bill that was passed on wednesday comes out to be a rare example of a bill passed by both the houses (i.e.Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha) within a day.

After Mahatma Gandhi Central University in Motihari that the state got recently, it is the second central university in the state.

It is being considered as a gift to Bihar from central government that is trying to please the voters of Bihar. Prime minister Shri Narendra Modi, who had got over whelming support in Bihar, is repaying back to the state with two Central Universities, one at Motihari and the other at Pusa, Samastipur.

Whatever, it may be. It will really be beneficial for the youth of Bihar that has immense energy and talent and looking for reputed and proper educational institutions that can hone its skills and talent. Bihar has been always a place that has produced great scholars, poets and leaders.

It was really good to see that all the parties got united regarding such an important bill and it could be passed by both the houses of parliament the same day. People of India really want to see such efforts, commitment and unity in the matters of public welfare. However, it has been a bad luck that such unity and honesty is hardly seen in the houses and among leaders.